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The Clanns

To feel detached from one’s ancestry is like being a leaf that is detached from the tree, that is why here, at The Family Silver we relish celebrating our history and our heritage and what better way to do it than to proudly wear your family’s Coat of Arms for all to see!

In My Life

This range is a celebration of special days, from birthdays to anniversaries and any other important life event. Also in this range we hand carve the GPS coordinates of places that have a special meaning for a family.

Little Artists

Ever wondered what to do with all the cute pictures your little artist brings home from school?  Here is the perfect answer! We take a copy of their drawing or picture, make an exact mould and then cast it in silver, allowing you to show case your little prodigy’s talents in a timeless way. A much better idea than just sticking it up on the fridge door and a great Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gift.

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About The Family Silver

The Family Silver is a hand made Irish silver jewellery design and manufacture company based in Co. Kildare, in the heart of ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’.

We here at The Family Silver hold jewellery in very high regard. Not only does it show case ones style and character, personal jewellery can hold deep meaning for the wearer. Whereas fashion changes from season to season, true style remains and a beautiful piece of personal jewellery holds it’s value forever.

Perhaps a piece has been a gift from a loved one, or handed down from mother to daughter or father to son. Maybe you have ‘self-gifted’ a piece that reminds you of a loved one and keeps them close in a tangible way. Whatever the occasion, personal jewellery holds deep meaning and that is what we here The Family Silver are all about.

‘Designed by Life’ is not just a tagline. It is the very essence of our company. We believe that ‘life’ designs and it is our role to act as the vessel to create something wonderful from it. Each piece is custom made and therefore is truly ‘one of a kind’. At The Family Silver, creating precious pieces from cherished moments is what we do best and we look forward to creating yours.

Ireland has such a rich heritage of craft and design and we are immensely proud to be continuing this tradition. All of our pieces are designed and made to order using many of the same techniques our ancestors have used for generations and staying true to our heritage is something we feel very strongly about.

Tastefully simple, The Family Silvers’ jewellery is the perfect gift for any occasion